What Is A Good Mechanic Tool Set?

Whether you’re a mechanic or not, it’s a must to have the best mechanic tool set for your machine. You’ll never know when you’ll need to do some fixing. In order to get the job done, you have to have the best toolset beside you so that you can finish the task at hand faster.

DeWalt DWMT72165

This is a huge set with 204 pieces that you can use. If you’re someone who often works on projects and is always in need of special tools, then this one is the ultimate toolbox for you. You can use this for machines that have a lot of bolts and nuts since this box contains almost all the sizes of sockets that you’ll need. The package also comes with a primary ratchet that works on all the sockets that are included in the set. This is exactly what you need to have full control over the amount of torque you want to put. It’s very easy to use even on places that you cannot reach with most ratchets since it has a slim body.

Stanley STMT73795

The previous DeWalt tool set is such a cool box to have but if you’re someone who prefers to have a box that has an assortment of different types of tools, then this might be more useful for you. It has 210 pieces and has a good range of tools that you’ll need when working on a machine. You can use this for screws, bolts, and nuts. This is also known for having an ergonomic design because of its comfortable handles. The quality is top notch since each piece is made of high strength steel. Investing on this tool set would be worth your every penny.

Hi-Spec 67 Piece Auto Mechanics

Fancy toolset are awesome to have, but if you’re a beginner who’s still trying to learn everything that you need in fixing machines, you don’t really have to buy an extra special tool set. Most of the time, a basic starter kit is already enough for you to get the job done. The Hi-Spec 67 is a budget kit that may not have the most advanced tools, but it would give you the most common tools that you’ll need while working. Additionally, this set is easy to carry around so it’s not a hassle to bring it wherever you go, just put it at the back of your car.