SPINEA sro: Accuracy combined with performance in robotics

SPINEA is a manufacturer of high-precision gearboxes. Designed and improved for robotics, gearboxes are used by leading manufacturers of robots. Therefore, high precision is required at the stage of the production process: JUCRANK and JUMAT grinding machines from JUNKER ensure that SPINEA meets the high quality requirements of its products.

Industrial robots perform increasingly complex tasks. In order for the sequence of movements to proceed without interference and the sophisticated technology was always ready for use, the highest quality is required even from the smallest details. The central element is the gearbox: it controls the three-dimensional movements of the robot arms in the hinges. SPINEA specializes in the production of such top quality gearboxes.

SPINEA was founded in 1994 in the Slovak Presov from scratch. The desire of the founders was to create high-quality gearboxes that ensure the smooth execution of technological processes when using robots. “Our objective is to manufacture high-quality products that will allow us to stand out from other suppliers,” says Peter Sedlak, who is responsible for automation technology at SPINEA.

This plan worked: today the company with its unique technology is the world leader in the production of compact gearboxes –
and continues to grow steadily. One of the reasons for success is cooperation with the manufacturer of grinding machines JUNKER .

Grinding machines, the JUNKER : accuracy and productivity

The top-notch quality of SPINEA ultra-precise gearboxes requires manufacturing technology that works with the same precision. From JUNKER equipment was required, in particular, the exact roundness of the blanks with a maximum error of half a micron. In search of machines that meet these stringent requirements, the company is a specialist in the production of gearboxes, finally found them. “Only JUNKER was able to fulfill our dimensional accuracy requirements,” says Mr. Sedlak. So, in 2013, the first non-circular grinding machine, JUCRANK, began to participate in the most complex machining of eccentric shafts at SPINEA. In 2014, the JUMAT external and internal circular grinding machine was added to it .that handles the body and flange.

An additional positive effect of replacing the previous equipment with JUCRANK and JUMAT machines for SPINEA: “The stability of our production, as well as the reproducibility of grinding processes, have improved significantly,” says Peter Sedlak. In addition, increased volume of manufactured items as company Sander JUNKER provide two to three times greater productivity. Thus, a specialist in the production of gearboxes is able to satisfy a part of the growing demand of their customers with the available machines.

JUCRANK : every micron counts

On the JUCRANK non-circular grinding machine , SPINEA manufactures eccentric shafts, the “high-speed parts” of the reduction mechanism in the ultra-precise gearbox. High customer requirements for components is a huge challenge for the manufacturer. “In terms of roundness, cylindricalness, concentricity of rotation and roughness, the permissible maximum deviation is half a micron,” explains Peter Sedlak. Especially for the manufacture of eccentric shafts, these requirements are extremely stringent. After all, the difficult geometric shape of blanks usually requires processing for several operations. However, due to repeated refolding, the required quality could not be achieved.

Machine JUCRANK from JUNKER provides the required micron precision eccentric shafts by pre and finish grinding without perezakrepleniya. Using the pendulum method, the JUCRANK machine performs all the tasks of grinding the shaft with just one fastening. Such complex processing ensures high process reliability, excellent grinding quality and exceptional dimensional accuracy. In addition, in the micron range, a special CNC guide rotates the grinding spindle during grinding, on which narrow grinding wheels are mounted. The great advantage of this so-called adjustable axis developed by JUNKER: each root and crank neck gets its own profile shape – with taper compensation and without changing circles.

JUMAT : one machine for multiple requirements

The machine for external and internal circular grinding JUMAT processes the gearbox housing and the flange also in one fastening. At the same time, a powerful circular grinding machine simultaneously grinds the workpiece from the outside and inside. Used grinding wheels, both on the basis of CBN and diamond, provide high grinding speed and, consequently, high cutting performance. In addition, special grinding spindles with high rotation speeds are also used for internal grinding. Thanks to this, JUMAT reaches a cutting speed of more than 110 m / s even during internal round grinding and despite the small diameter of the grinding wheel.

High cutting speeds and previously precision machining were for SPINEA a decisive criterion for deciding when choosing a JUMAT machine : thanks to this, the required short machining time is possible and, as a result, significantly increased productivity. In addition, the JUMAT machine has bribed its versatility and flexibility: various sizes and numerous options for the grinding headstock guarantee individual solutions for all tasks. The three-point clamping system developed by JUNKER allows you to quickly and easily perform re-equipment. This was for SPINEA a weighty argument in choosing a machine, because in a company for the production of gearboxes on a JUMAT machine, about 20 similar types of blanks are polished.

SPINEA and the JUNKER : Partners for the future

Another important factor affecting cooperation with JUNKER is prompt service: in case of an unforeseen malfunction, the branch office of the manufacturer of grinding machines in the Czech town of Holitz will always come to the rescue. “ JUNKER can easily solve our high technological requirements. And besides, this is a partner who looks a little further, ”explains Mr. Sedlak. The head of the automation engineering department adds: “As a supplier of the automotive industry, JUNKERhas experience in providing solutions with the shortest production cycles and auxiliary time. With such knowledge, our partner advised us also on creating a robotic workplace for loading and unloading blanks.

It is not surprising that the successful cooperation of the two “on the accuracy of the partners” will continue in the future: low productivity and outdated machines SPINEA company is gradually replacing the already proven in production models of the JUNKER . And for the following years, SPINEA has concrete plans. Due to the high demand specialist will expand its production. And then new machines will appear in Presov.